Snowmobile Conditions around St. Germain

March 15, 2019

Temps cooled off below freezing last night, and there is a light dusting of snow as well.   Snow conditions have changed rapidly,  I believe we had 1-2 feet of snow melt rapidly.     The Good News:   With 5′ of snow in the woods prior to this warm up, there’s still a lot of snow in the wood and a lots of base on the trails.   The Bad:   The excess water has turned conditions from epic to crummy.   It’s hard to know for sure what to tell you, but today the roads and parking lots are icy, the water is ponding in areas, and I can see ice on the lake again!  Lakes were a mess on Thursday but they are starting to freeze up again.    Just two days ago there was over 18″ of snow on top of that ice.   My Guess:   Temps will cool off, and by Saturday trails will be ride-able.  I still don’t want to put a rank on conditions yet.   There’s a couple ways to look at this.  If you need to ride one more time I think sooner is better.   If you’re picky about conditions, I hope you had a chance to ride up here last week.      I would say the riding will continue for the foreseeable future, Bo Boens are scheduled to groom Friday and Saturday night.   But I can hear the Fat Lady warming up behind the curtain and our snowmobile season is starting to dwindle.

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November Snowfall:  12″
December Snowfall: 7 inches
January Snowfall: 10″
February Snowfall: 51.12″
March Snowfall: n/a
April Snowfall: n/a
Today’s Snow Depth: 4+ feet
2017-2018 Snow Total: Over 99″ the second best on record
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