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Hiller's Pine Haven
7992 Patton Road
St Germain WI 54558

Travel Insurance

We can't think of a better recommendation for you than to purchase trip insurance, especially if you're booking a trip around the $1000 price range.   For a mere $18, you receive $1000.00 of coverage for those unforseen instances.  Unfortunately, sometimes things don't go according to plan. What if you or a loved one gets sick before you leave for your trip? What if you need medical treatment while traveling? What if an ice storm closes the highway or your car breaks down on the way?  Check out the Top 10 reasons to purchase trip insurance, that mere $18 investment covers a lot more than just having to cancel for an unforseen problem.  

Hillers Pine Haven is proud to offer our guests one of the best vacation rental protection policies in the industry. Depending on the season that you'll vacation in, all sales are final within 30-60 days of arrival, and while Travel Guard cannot protect against every emergency, many of the most common reasons for cancelling are included in the policy. Give yourself peace of mind by protecting your deposit and guarding against many of the other little surprises (and expenses) that might arise on the road.

The cost of the Lodging Protection Plan is a mere $18 and offers you up to $1000 of coverage. The All Seasons Plan costs 7% of your total room reservation and offers coverage for your entire trip cost. Both plans must be purchased when you book to ensure the best coverage. If you are adding on any of our premium services such as a guided fishing trip or a snowmobile rental package, you may also insure them at your option. In addition to protecting your deposit, Travel Guard has other advantages including 24 hour emergency hotline and concierge services plus coverage for emergency medical expenses and transportation. For highlights or complete details, click below to download more information or read through our Top 10 Reasons to Buy (and Not to Buy) Trip Insurance below.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Trip Insurance
DISCLAIMER: The following is intended to illustrate in general terms the limits and benefits of the policy. Please download the Description of Coverage above for a complete explanation of coverage and restrictions.
  • My car broke down and the mechanic is saying, "It might be a while."

    What rotten luck! However, you're covered for many incidental expenses that might also arise should you be delayed more than 12 hours plus this policy also pertains to auto accidents and getting stranded due to bad weather. Coverage includes the value of any days lost with us because you can't get here, the cost of a hotel, meals, and other reasonable expenses up to $100 a day to a maximum of $500 until travel is possible, and up to $100 for towing, flat tires or dead batteries. PLUS, you're also covered for medical expenses up to $25,000 if you're in an accident, as well as damage to your luggage subject to the terms and limits of the policy. For coverage with rental cars, you should upgrade to the 7% All Seasons Travel Plan. The 7% plan has higher coverage limits too.
  • My house was destroyed by a flood, tornado, or hurricane; do you really think I want to travel right now?

    Many of our guests live in areas prone to Mother Nature's fury, and should a natural disaster strike your home, you'll probably have things on your mind other than travel. The good news is that you will be able to cancel your reservation because you're covered for "the Insured's principal residence being made uninhabitable by fire, flood, or similar Natural Disaster, vandalism, or burglary".
  • My identity got stolen back in that skanky truck stop, now all my credit cards are maxed.

    With apologies to all the nice, clean truck stops and honest, hard working food service personnel who keep them running, it's enough trouble knowing where your children are all the time without adding your credit cards to the family tree. Relax when your card is out of sight while paying for a meal because "The Insurer will also pay for loss due to unauthorized use of the Insured's credit cards, if the Insured has complied with all credit card conditions imposed by the credit card companies."
  • I dropped my iPhone in the lake.

    Oops-It does happen from time to time and we do have a dive shop nearby that offers scuba classes, but unless you're bound and determined to learn to dive, just go to the store and buy another one because "The Insurer will pay for loss, theft, or damage to the Insured's Baggage, passports, and visas during the Insured's Trip." This coverage is limited to $500 for the first, most expensive item, and then afterwards to no more than $250 for each additional item up to a maximum benefit of $1500. (This example pertains to the 7% All Seasons Travel Plan only)
  • I hooked myself instead of the fish.

    OK, significant others: Stop laughing if you want to survive the rest of your vacation. While this does happen occasionally, other possibilities include a twisted ankle because while the North Woods is quite beautiful, your spouse is kind of klutz, and things like this have happened before. Still, "The Insurer will pay for medical expenses incurred by the Insured within one year from the date of Injury or Sickness provided initial treatment was received during the Trip." Note that this does not include routine medical or dental care or the replacement of hearing aids, eye glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, or artificial teeth, but lost prescriptions are covered and Travel Guard will even help you find a pharmacy through their Travel Guard Assist program.
  • Really? I'm laid off?

    Well, unfortunately, there's a lot of that going around these days. But should this unfortunate event happen, at least you can jump start your savings account by cancelling your reservation: You're covered if "the Insured or Traveling Companion is involuntarily terminated or laid off through no fault of his or her own, which occurs more than 14 days after an Insured's effective date of coverage, provided that he or she has been an active employee for the same employer for at least one year."
  • Why, oh why, didn't I get that flu shot?

    Actually, the sickness, injury or death clause covers quite a few people both before and during your trip. Covered persons include you, your traveling companion, immediate relatives of you and your traveling companion, and domestic or business partners. Even if a covered person other than you or your traveling companion is currently experiencing health issues, is hospitalized, or is in a nursing home, the pre-existing condition clause is waived if you purchase your policy at the same time you make the reservation. If you are concerned about making a reservation because of a covered person's health, relax because you can cancel your reservation and receive a full refund under the "Sickness, Injury, or death of an Insured, Immediate Family Member, Traveling Companion, or Business Partner" clause. 

    Note that the "Injury or Sickness must be so disabling as to reasonably cause a Trip to be delayed, canceled, or interrupted" and that both you and anyone traveling with you must be healthy enough to travel on the day you make your reservation and purchase the policy. You are also covered in the event that a covered person becomes ill while on vacation and you have to check out early. For those with relatives in long term care, hospice or a nursing home, the trip may be cancelled if your relative has a significant, acute decline in their conditions. Examples include breaking a hip, being placed in intensive care or on life support, major surgery, contracting pneumonia, or an event other than self-inflicted injury that prompts a physician to recommend that you be immediately available to care for the person in question. If you have a question about a specific situation, please feel free to call Travel Guard at 1.888.409.7749, refer to Product Number 008085, and ask whether the coverage would apply.
  • I lost my reindeer and the highway is glare ice.

    Hillers Pine Haven isn't only for summer vacations. Many guests take advantage of our reduced winter rates, fireplaces, hot tub, snowmobile packages, and heated fishing shanties to have a wonderful winter escape. Still, it is winter in Wisconsin and usually Mother Nature closes the roads at least once during the season. Some guests throw on the chains anyway to see the winter wonderland or are lucky enough to already be here. For the rest of us, the Insurer covers cancellations resulting from "Inclement Weather conditions causing delay or cancellation of travel".
  • My duty orders changed and I'm stuck in Afghanistan.

    We are honored that so many of those serving our country overseas choose to spend their time at home staying with us. We've also seen the frustration when leaves get cancelled or orders change, and this, together with illness and inclement weather problems, was the primary reasons we began offering trip insurance. Members of our armed services are covered for "Military Duty (if within 30 days of departure, the Insured has his/her leave revoked or the Insured is reassigned)". You're also covered if you're subpoenaed, required to serve on jury duty, or are medically quarantined.
  • Basic coverage starts at only $18!

    That's perfect for the smaller trips and rentals around $1000. The All Seasons Travel Plan is great for the more expensive private home vacations. Note that if you do not purchase trip insurance, your deposit will be charged for all days we are unable to resell if you cancel within 30 or 60 days of arrival.

    There are many other things included such as Travel Medical Assistance, Worldwide Travel Assistance and Concierge Services. For an overview of benefits, download the Policy Brochure or Description of Coverage PDFs.

Travel Guard $15 Protection Plan

Download the Travel Guard Flyer · Download the Description of Coverage · Purchase This Coverage

Travel Guard 7% All Seasons Plan

Download the Travel Guard Flyer · Download the Description of Coverage · Purchase This Coverage

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Buy Trip Insurance

  • I'm planning on flying and the tickets were really cheap, but the airline is also close to bankruptcy.

    If your flight is cancelled because of bad weather, you're covered. BUT, if it is cancelled for other reasons, you're not. If possible, avoid relying on unstable common carriers for your transportation.
  • I plan on riding a bull in next week's rodeo and don't want to lose my deposit if I get hurt.

    Ride 'Em Cowboy! But, unfortunately, if your participation in a professional athletic event is the cause for your need to cancel, you're not covered. This exclusion also pertains to mountain climbing, professionally or not.
  • There's a hurricane headed right at my house!

    If the hurricane has already been named as of 12:01 AM on the day after you purchase your policy, then you might as well leave your troubles behind and come stay with us because you're not covered. For example: You live on the coast, there is a tropical storm somewhere in the Caribbean, and you make a reservation with us at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, June 1. If the storm is upgraded to a hurricane before 12:01 AM on Thursday, June 2, you're not covered to cancel if your primary residence is damaged by this storm. Of course, this really only applies to our guests who live on the coast and are concerned about possible damage to their primary residence making their planned vacation impractical.
  • I lost all my money in the Futures Market.

    In general, this insurance doesn't cover sudden changes to your financial condition that might make travel seem less affordable. There are three exceptions: 1) As already mentioned, your primary residence being rendered uninhabitable; 2) "Termination of employment or layoff affecting the Insured or his/her Traveling Companion; must have been with the same employer for at least one year;" or 3) "the Insured is obligated to a transfer of 250 or more miles by the employer with whom the Insured is employed on the effective date of the Insured's Trip cancellation coverage which requires the Insured's principal residence to be relocated".
  • I hear there are a lot of birds in Wisconsin. What if I get the Bird Flue?

    Actually, they're called Eagles up here, we're really quite proud of them, and they only happen to be dangerous if you are on the opposing high school team. But with regards to the policy, you're not covered if you cancel due to the fear of something that may or may not happen during your trip.
  • I'm too depressed to travel.

    But Wait! That's what we're here for! Please shake off the blues and go on vacation because it will be a lot more fun than sitting around doing nothing. And besides, cancellation for psychological disorders even if you are hospitalized is a medical condition not covered.
  • My lead foot is so heavy that scientists would like to add it to the Periodic Chart of the Elements.

    Sorry, but in general, claims will not be honored if the cause of the claim involved you or any other covered person getting in trouble with the law.
  • Aunt Edna had agreed to take the kids, but she changed her mind at the last minute.

    Well, I guess its fruit cake for Aunt Edna for Christmas, but even though the reason for cancelling was beyond your control, it is not one of the reasons covered by the policy.
  • The wedding's been cancelled.

    See, I always said you were WAY too good for that schmuck! A pox on their life and house! Still, there's no way to soften it: Romantic injuries aren't covered.
  • I've changed my mind.
Travel Guard does offer "cancel for any reason" coverage through their website for 11.2% of the cost of the reservation. Note that these were only limited examples of the most common problems to help you decide if trip insurance is right for you. If you have a specific concern in mind or for a list of the other benefits included, please download a PDF for any of the product flyers or feel free to call Travel Guard at 877.249.5376. Make sure you tell them you have a reservation with Hiller's Pine Haven.

Travel Guard "Cancel For Any Reason" Plan

Download the Travel Guard Flyer · Download the Description of Coverage · Purchase This Coverage